Welcome to django-easy-avatar’s documentation!

A super easy AJAX loading avatar for profile management. django-easy-avatar is currently being used in production by Noob Media LLC for http://www.noobmovies.com

django-easy-avatar needs jQuery for ajax file uploading and validation. this plugin also uses Pillow for image manipulation and management.


Install django-easy-avatar by running:

sudo easy_install django-easy-avatar

Add to your installed apps within django settings.py file:


In that same settings.py file add:

FILE_SAVE_PATH = '/path/to/your/project/avatars'

FILE_URL_PATH = 'http://your_website.com/location/to/avatars/'

run syncdb command:

python manage.py syncdb

important note!!, this must be added to your settings.py file:









By default, django-easy-avatar will overwrite the previous profile image for a particular user to save server hard disk space. If you wish to keep the image you can disable this feature by adding this to your settings.py file.


Add this line to your projects urls.py file.

(r'^avatar/', include('easy_avatar.urls')),

Adding django-easy-avatar to your templates

Make sure you have included the jQuery library in your template by adding this to your html <head>:

<script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.0/jquery.min.js"></script>

To add django-easy-avatar you simply have to add this to the top of your template:

{% load avatar_tags %}

Then, whereever you want the avatar image/form to appear you just add:

{% upload_form %}

That’s it!

Video Tutorials

To see django-easy-avatar in action you can visit http://www.noobmovies.com and register your profile or you can watch a video tutorial located at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1ndWIdK9WI

Additional tutorials will be coming soon regarding how you can style your form elements (for those who are not as familiar with CSS and JavaScript).

Things to Consider

django-easy-avatar is geared towards more modern browsers. Because it uses HTML5 and AJAX for file uploading, it may not work in older browsers such as Internet Explorer 9 and below.



django-easy-avatar was created by Chris Hawkes who is a web developer and programmer in Python, C# and JavaScript. You can contact Chris Hawkes via github with questions or concerns. https://github.com/chawk


django-easy-avatar is free for commercial and non-commercial use under an MIT License.